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Tell me what is the first thing that comes to your mind when I say Mobile – whatever your answer is, somehow it would lead you to just one thing and that is MOBILE APPS.
They are now part of every conceivable business. And for small businesses they are no longer an option, rather a necessity. Talking about the mobile addicted consumers, apps are essential for everyday life. The huge success of these apps can be attributed to the fact that they provide you a single platform where you can operate many other processes too like promoting your product, earning revenue by in-app advertising, offering discount and coupon codes and many more. But how easy do you think it is to build a Free mobile app by using best app maker?
IT IS EASY. YES! You may not agree with me right now but once you read the whole blog, you will. You have now started thinking about all the complex languages you need to know, the difficult coding process and everything else that’s been stopping you from creating your andr…

8 Steps for creating android mobile app in an hour

Want to create an android app but don’t know from where to begin. then you are certainly the one with a great idea but are afraid to put it to use. And the reason why your app isn’t created yet is because of the problem you have not rectified. The typical problem spots are designing, coding and funding. Well, stop worrying now and see your app getting created in no time and that too without coding. Yes, no coding! Learning to write programming code is time-consuming and so difficult. And for creating your own app you need no prior experience. So move away from the negativity and get started.
Now you are ready to get started with the actual creation. All you need to do is follow the steps carefully and make your dream a reality
Step 1) install node.js. it gives you package ecosystem and you can download a no of other packages from the command prompt.
step 2) install latest java JDK
step 3) install latest android SDK
step 4) install ionic from the command prompt. Then open your command promp…